Dermatology Care

Dermatology Care

Dermatology Care

Taking care of your skin is one of the wisest choices that you can make to upgrade your healthcare and elevate your overall health. At Bloom La Vie Health in Kansas City, MO, we offer a wide variety of dermatology care for our patients, as we are dedicated to a holistic approach to health and wellness. Here are just a few of the treatments that we offer to our clientele.

Dermatology Care Provided at Bloom La Vie Health

Skin Cancer Screening

We offer an extensive screening process to our patients that includes a visual examination of the skin to check for moles, lesions, birthmarks, or any discoloration that stands out in size, shape, or color. A skin cancer screening is pain-free and might include a mole mapping so that your doctor can keep an eye on these areas over the course of your visits.

Skin Biopsy

If an unusual area is found on the skin during your skin cancer screening or during any of your visits, our healthcare providers are able to take a small skin biopsy of the specific section and send it off for examination in a lab. The process is usually done with a local anesthetic, and your doctor can go over the results with you in the office.

Lesion Removal

Freezing Lesions While there are some over-the-counter medicines that help you to remove skin lesions such as warts, the safest and most effective way to remove such lesions is under the supervising care of a medical professional. We offer a quick and simple procedure for freezing off lesions with liquid nitrogen. The process works for warts, actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, and more.

Skin Tag Removal

We also offer safe methods for removing skin tags, with minimal scarring. These short treatments can be done in our office in just a few minutes’ time. Having your skin tags removed by a doctor is much safer and will cause less scarring than if you try to remove them yourself at home.

Cyst Removal

Our office also offers cyst removal and drainage for the scalp or skin. These treatments will typically include a local anesthetic and will begin with drainage depending on the size of the cyst. While cysts are often not painful, it is important to have them professionally removed before they become infected.

Ingrown Toenail Removal

Depending on the severity of the ingrown toenail, there are a few methods that your doctor might choose to use, all of which are available in our office. Your doctor could lift the toenail and place a splint underneath, taking pressure off the surrounding nerves and allowing the toenail to grow out and away from the skin. If the case is more severe, the doctor might choose to remove part or all of the toenail, allowing it to grow back properly.

Treatment of Common Dermatology Disorders

While a part of dermatology care is handling the more uncommon occurrences that happen with our skin, it also includes the day-to-day struggles that many of us have when it comes to skincare.


From the early teenage years to well into adulthood, acne plagues many people in many different ways. Our clinic treats not only severe cases of acne but also mild ones with a holistic approach. Our nutritionist counselor can help you develop a diet plan to keep your acne under control while we evaluate if a topical medicine would be right for you. As we also specialize in women’s health, we can treat acne that is caused by hormonal imbalances as well.

Thinning Hair

Dermatologists are experts when it comes to diagnosing and treating hair thinning and hair loss. We are able to discover the underlying causes that are affecting your hair growth and treat them accordingly in our office. Some treatments could include prescription medicine, over-the-counter medicine, laser therapy, and more.


When the over-the-counter products you are using just aren’t showing the results you are looking for, you’d be amazed at what a dermatologist can do for you when it comes to anti-aging treatments. Our doctors are able to diagnose and treat any of the following that is causing an aged look to your skin:

  • Sagging skin
  • Wrinkles
  • Stretch marks
  • Enlarged pores
  • Dark spots
  • Dull skin

Our tools are designed to help you look and feel your best in your skin.


For most people, eczema is a life-long condition with flare-ups occurring occasionally. Our dermatologist can help you develop a skincare plan to prevent flare-ups and keep them under control when they do occur. We can also discuss with you the best way to reduce symptoms so you can be comfortable during these times.


Dermatologists specialize in diagnosing and treating skin ailments, such as psoriasis. If your psoriasis is mild, our dermatologist can recommend and prescribe a topical treatment. For more severe cases, we are able to prescribe phototherapy or medications that work internally throughout the body.


While treatment cannot cure rosacea, we can help to reduce the symptoms and the appearance of rosacea on the skin. Our doctors are also able to help you identify if there is an underlying cause, such as lupus or an allergic reaction. We will discuss treatment options with you to provide you with the perfect method that you need.


Melasma is patches of darker skin that typically appear on the face. Our dermatologist is able to help reduce the appearance of melasma with topical creams, a chemical face peel, and microdermabrasion treatment. We might also do a small skin biopsy to rule out any other skin conditions that the melasma might be hiding.

Referral to a Specialist, Aesthetics Services

Some dermatology care requires specialized equipment not found in every office. That’s why we are a part of an extensive network of like-minded doctors that are able to accept referrals from us so that you can get the treatment you need. If you can’t find it with us, we will guide you to a specialist that will be able to help you. This includes certain aesthetic treatments that may not be available in our office.

Your Skin, Your Way

At Bloom La Vie Health in Kansas City, MO, we are delighted to help our patients love their skin and show it off proudly. Don’t let anything hold you back.

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I had such a lovely visit to Bloom La Vie Health! I am a little shy and the staff is so warm and welcoming! Was able to truly talk about what has been going on health wise and Dr. Nedeau listened!


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We moved the whole family to Bloom La Vie and have been so happy we’ve done so. Dr. Nedeau is so caring and knowledgeable, she listens to my concerns, and she has helped us navigate health issues so well.


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So glad my husband and I moved to Bloom La Vie Health!! Her nurse Sandy and staff are so very caring and professional place to come! Also her Husband Joel keeps everything running smoothly!!!



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