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Where Good Health Grows

Bloom La Vie Health simply wants to go back to the basics of family medicine, where your doctor is more like a member of the family, someone who cares as much about your health journey as you do.

The Solution Starts With Primary Care

​Bloom La Vie Health is an innovative primary care medical home that provides all-inclusive care with an affordable monthly subscription, regardless of insurance coverage. Personalized care is achieved through a holistic, integrative/functional medicine approach with each member.

I’m Sure You Have Questions

We are serious about improving and maintaining your good health and we expect our patients to be just as serious. If you are ready to begin your good-health journey, but have more questions, schedule a 20-minute call with me and let’s talk.

** During this call, Dr. Nedeau will not diagnose, treat or provide medical advice.

Bloom is Now
Accepting Patients!

There are several ways to be part of the Bloom Family.

» Membership
» One-time visit
» On-site
» Virtual visit


Bloom’s personalized care approach uses
in-depth analysis and advance precision
medicine to help you achieve the best
possible healthy outcome.

Family Medicine

We welcome all ages and families to join! We are a primary care practice and can treat the “everyday” minor medical problems that interfere with life. We offer in-office testing, minor procedures, and in-house pharmacy for your convenience. We can also manage common chronic diseases and help you avoid complications.

Medical Home

We are your ”medical home”, the heart and core of all things related to your health. We help you maneuver the healthcare system by working as a team. You have a dedicated physician and nurse care coordinator who will collaborate with all the clinicians who care for you.

Precision Medicine

We offer advanced testing in genomics, hormones, metabolism, gut health, nutrition, brain health and more. These results will guide a very personalized health plan and point to the best treatment approach for you. We offer access to fitness and nutrition specialists, lifestyle coaching, mindfulness programs, stress management, counseling, and more!

Convenient & Accessible Care

We want to build the doctor-patient relationship and offer convenient ways to reach us when you need care. We are bringing back house calls and offer after-hours visits! We implemented user-friendly, secure technology that connects us with our patients by email, texting, phone and video, saving you time and money.

Disease Prevention & Health Maintenance

We focus on preventing disease and teaching you how to maintain good health for life! We provide comprehensive annual physicals and review personal risks for developing chronic diseases then provide actionable steps to reach your health goals.

Aspire to better health with Direct Primary Care.